“Ricky has been amazing to work with across the years at Freerider MX. He’s artistic view and sense of capturing the “moment” are up their with the best photographers in the world. FMX is one of the most aesthetically amazing sports in the world, yet Ricky’s images seem to make it look better than real life. He’s punctual, super easy to work with and constantly coming up with new ideas. I look forward to many more years to come with him shooting for the mag.”
Ben Foster – Editor/Publisher Freerider MX Magazine, Australia

"Ricky is one of my favourite photographers to work with. He is creative, always tries to find something new to show in his pictures, no matter if it is a new angle, a new trick, a different technique… His pictures often surprise me in a positive way. At the same time he is very professional, reliable and easy to work with plus he understands the business side of things and knows the needs of a magazine or company well. As a former professional rider I always liked to work with Ricky and now as editor-in-chief of MOTOX magazine, sitting on the other side of the table, I still like to work a lot with Ricky. I wish more motorsports photographers would be like him!"
Sebastian Wolter - Chefredakteur MOTOX Magazine, Germany

"Ricky Monti has the dowry to “catch the moment”: he is the only one that has the art of catching soul spotting it at the right moment. His pictures aren’t boring, as per his characters: they never look the same. He’s chameleon and perfectionist, a gentlemen with his camera. For me it’s always a pleasure working with Ricky Monti . most of the existing photographers should have his humility and magnificent, maybe we will be able to find more speaking pictures than talkative photographers."
Barbara Giovinazzo - GB SOUND LABEL


Lee Make History – Finalist – 2009

Redbull Illume – Finalist Category "Sequence" – 2010

Group Exhibitions

Lee Make History – European Tour – 2009

Rock'n Roll – Milan - 2010

Redbull Illume – Worlwide tour – 2010/2011

Solo Exhibitions

L'Abbraccio del Kenya – Venezia - 2016

L'Abbraccio del Kenya – Como - 2016

L'Abbraccio del Kenya – Cernobbio - 2015

L'Abbraccio del Kenya – Tremezzo - 2015

Book Publications

Lee Make History – Best pictures - 2009

Redbull Illume – Top 50 pictures - 2010

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